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Transformation strategies around business and sustainable approaches.

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Our vision

Every organization must meet its public and propose an offer coherent with its needs or customer demands. Sales and marketing strategies are key points to guarantee this interaction. The consideration of environmental and societal notions is increasing and becoming a decisive criteria. A global vision must integrate this approach.
Companies must prepare and anticipate these new market factors while guaranteeing coherence with their commercial, managerial and strategy. Stakeholder support for this transformation is a key success factor.
Building or enriching a strategic vision of the company linking economic and extra-financial performance is a significant strategic asset. This allows the company to develop new markets and to prepare for the tensions linked to resources, material or human.
A governance which takes into consideration its responsibilities and interests within the CSR process, integrates an unavoidable stake. The interest is collective but also individual and places the customer in the center of this vision.
This enables the knowledge and reduction of risks, while giving a competitive advantage toward the customers and the employees. Indeed, in order to attract the best talents, taking into account the company's responsibilities becomes a determining asset.
We support companies of all sizes in their business development and transition strategies.

An offer through 3 approaches

Appuis aux décisions

Supporting managers in their day-to-day decisions and business strategy

Sales strategy

Designing and writing your sales strategy

CSR strategy

Designing and writing your CSR strategy

A dual competence in  Business and Sustainable Development

Introduce of founder : Loan Dupont
After studies in materials engineering, I followed a commercial and business management course in the sports and leisure sector. This offers me a wide spectrum of understanding and discussion from product design to manufacturing and marketing. 
I have worked closely with my customers in sports stores for 7 years using my technical-commercial approach. Understanding and knowing the demands and constraints, whether economic, technical or market-related, allowed me to develop effective commercial relationships. I then moved on, still in the world of skiing and mountaineering, to a position with a national vision, developing a sales and marketing strategy integrating all the stakeholders, consumers, customers, employees and brands in the context of a purchase/sale activity.

I specialized in CSR issues through a multidisciplinary training including label Lucie 26000 training and I'm also "formé.e B Leaders France".
Very sensitive to the environment and to societal aspects, I have noticed during these years of experience a real increase in demand from companies to meet the challenges of sustainable development. This is an essential element of my motivation : to participate in this transition by making available my experience and my convictions.
The ecological and social aspects are key points integrated in my decision prism. The discourse is now known and integrated but it is necessary to take action to perpetuate the company's strategies.

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