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A dual competence in  Business and Sustainable Development

Introduce of founder : Loan Dupont
After studies in materials engineering, I followed a commercial and business management course in the sports and leisure sector. This offers me a wide spectrum of understanding and discussion from product design to manufacturing and marketing. 
I have worked closely with my customers in sports stores for 7 years using my technical-commercial approach. Understanding and knowing the demands and constraints, whether economic, technical or market-related, allowed me to develop effective commercial relationships. I then moved on, still in the world of skiing and mountaineering, to a position with a national vision, developing a sales and marketing strategy integrating all the stakeholders, consumers, customers, employees and brands in the context of a purchase/sale activity.

I specialized in CSR issues through a multidisciplinary training including label Lucie 26000 training and I'm also "formé.e B Leaders France".
Very sensitive to the environment and to societal aspects, I have noticed during these years of experience a real increase in demand from companies to meet the challenges of sustainable development. This is an essential element of my motivation : to participate in this transition by making available my experience and my convictions.
The ecological and social aspects are key points integrated in my decision prism. The discourse is now known and integrated but it is necessary to take action to perpetuate the company's strategies.

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An offer on 3 axes via 3 adapted approaches

Sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility are major issues. The themes are wide, multiple and sometimes complex. The commercial aspect requires the follow-up and the update of its strategy by considering the assets but also by seeking the relays of future development.
The complexity of the topics leads to more and more questions, including personal ones such as effectiveness, efficiency, financing of (over)costs, management of the transition or transformation, how to avoid generating problems by run-off or rebound effect ?

On these topics, many options are possible, but must stay economically, socially and environmentally reliable.
Actions take time, finances are not necessarily present or sufficient, minds must be prepared.
For this, everyone must find the right levers to move forward with more sustainability and also understand it.
Do not hesitate to contact us. Each company has specific needs and we are here to adapt and think with you : Naol offers 3 different approaches to adapt to your individual needs and progress.

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