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2-Coaching and analysis
Find the most efficient and useful actions for your company.

The commercial prism includes many facets, from the creation of the product to the definition of the end-user through the distribution network. The optimization or implementation of a commercial strategy is a permanent challenge that deserves time and energy and often requires to take a step back. 
In terms of CSR, the company's value chain is based on and carried by "natural and human resources". Being able to better characterize them, understand them and fully integrate them into decisions allows to limit the risk linked to the evolution of our society and our environment. The challenges of the transition to a better sustainability are complex and diverse.

We will seek to :

- Choose one or several themes
- Analyze opportunities and risks 
- Build relevant indicators 
- Get the stakeholders on board
- Work on the action plan
- Communicate about the project
A format and objectives to be defined together : seminar, collective analysis, work group animation, individual or work group coaching.
Many ways of working that will help you find your solutions.

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1-Decision support

We offer recurring support to the managers of small and medium-sized businesses. Indeed, they often have to make decisions quickly and without necessarily having support. 

Bringing in outside resources and advice obviously makes for greater comfort, but above all it enhances the quality of decisions, which are taken with a third-party viewpoint and an input of content from outside the company.


Exchange sessions or themed work sessions enable you to make effective progress on the subjects of your choice, while mastering them at the same time.


This support can take many forms. From document proofreading to the production of tools or documentation, not forgetting these dedicated discussion sessions. But it's always tailor-made and linked to the topics of the moment.


It's a strong human and professional bond of trust that helps you through your year and your challenges.

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Understand to choose and explain.

Stakeholders who master the topics of discussion and their impacts increase their added value during discussions. Understanding the stakes and mechanics of climate change is the indispensable anchor to be able to integrate this subject in decisions and sales arguments. This requires dedicated time for the implementation of training, information sessions but also a common animated reflection allowing a step back on the subject.
A 3 points proposal: 
-Gain knowledges and arguments which match to make your teams evolve together for more efficiency and coherence in your strategy.
-Bring out new ideas with stakeholders to launch a new strategy.
-Develop an energy and a positive spirit around the team to make a step forward together.
A good tool to integrate new logic in decision making.

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