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2-Design and develop your sales strategy

Challenge and define your sales strategy to understand your objectives and anticipate risks.


The commercial prism covers many facets, from the creation of the product to the definition of the end-user, including the distribution network. Optimizing or establishing a sales strategy is an ongoing challenge that deserves time and energy, and often requires a step back and the right tools. 

Our method is clear and pragmatic:

- Have the fundamental tools

- Have a clear and complete marketing mix

- Break out your offer and sales figures

- Establish a sales strategy with all your objectives

- Work on the sales arguments

Numerous actions all pointing in the same direction: the deployment of your sales strategy.

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1-Decision support for manager

We offer recurring support for the managers of small and medium-sized businesses, taking on the role of outsourced partner and ally.

Sales strategy is at the center of the company; writing, launching and following it are essential, but time-consuming. Executive management often needs to make decisions quickly, without necessarily having regular or specific support. 

The contribution of resources and an outside opinion obviously helps to improve the comfort and quality of decisions.  

Format : 

- Launch and follow-up of commercial projects 

- Follow-up on fundamental issues, weak signals and developments 

- Occasional exchanges 

- Recurring (bi-)monthly review of figures and key issues

But also document review, production of tools or documentation, thematic work sessions

Method : 

- Implementation of tools and processes

- Recurrent analysis and follow-up

- Follow-up of substantive issues

- Strategic and operational adjustments


In short, a strong human and professional bond of trust that helps you

your year and your challenges.

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3-Design and develop your sustainability strategy

The climate transition is an essential part of a company's longevity.


Social and environmental issues are linked and are gaining in importance. CSR is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies.

Initiating and developing a CSR strategy will help you prepare for future regulatory constraints and market demands.

 Understanding the issues and mechanics of climate change is the essential foundation for integrating this subject into your decisions and arguments.


Our method is as follows: 

- Understand the issues

- Study and measure the impacts

- Write down your company's fundamentals and tools

- Write a roadmap

- Implement the strategy 

Employee onboarding and the necessary intermediate steps are all part of the process.


A complete strategy that is in line with all the company's challenges.

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