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Corporate Social Responsibility


Social and environmental issues are linked and are increasing in importance. CSR is becoming a more and more present topic in companies but it is not yet at the top of the list of issues to be addressed.

Initiating and developing a CSR strategy will help you prepare for future regulatory constraints and market demands.

A CSR approach will also have positive impacts on different subjects such as purchasing, consumption, human resources... and therefore on the financial aspect.

Obviously it will also allow your company to act better as an actor of its eco-system and civil society.


Many levers are possible. They are not necessarily expensive or complicated.


Ancre 1


Analyze to understand


Everything will start with a discussion to understand your constraints, your desires and your business.


We will study your company and the available levers while being force of proposal.


Quantify to know


The implementation of indicators and charters is in most cases an inexpensive and feasible first step.


Measure to optimize but also know your impacts.


A quick set up


We will certainly be able to start implementing pragmatic actions quickly.

Whether it is on the functioning of your company or the way of carrying out your daily business.


A long-term plan


The first steps prepare for a deeper change in strategy. 

By starting a CSR strategy you will want to go further and so will your employees.

This strategy will be implemented over a long period of time.

Method and Vision

2 prisms : Company and Trade

We will separate between the "business" part and the "company" part. Indeed, this offers two levels of actions and reading. Even if the changes in the core business can be complex, working on the impact of the company will always be positive and realizable.

A systemic challenge

We must not underestimate the systemic effect of our actions. Even if an action has a limited direct impact, it serves a global approach and helps the Society to take a positive direction towards the transition.

And of course

Always custom

Each company and each business are different. The support and advice provided will be customized from the first discussion and throughout the mission.

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