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Designing and writing your sales strategy

Sales is a skill in its own right, and a necessity for every organization. This activity can be optimized and, above all, written down so that you can see your company strategy clearly.

Knowing the fundamentals of your sales strategy and applying them to your company will enable you to set objectives and associate the necessary resources and tools to achieve them.

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Have the tools


It all starts with an analysis of current tools and the implementation of complementary ones. 


Customer database, margin, marketing mix and sales plan are fundamentals.

Understand and measure

Working efficiently

Setting up indicators and using tools to analyze actions and set objectives.


The point is to break down your offer into simpler objectives.



Sales are supported by a sales pitch. Verbal and physical attitudes play a key role, as does the presentation of written material.

Every detail counts and leads to acceptance of your offer.


Secure the middle and long term

The first steps prepare for a strategy, but also for a sub-division of business objectives.


 It's all about understanding and mastering your objectives, while having the opportunity to manage risk.

Method and Vision

Marketing mix

The marketing mix and its 4Ps are often the weakest point when sales are down or at a stagnation.

Defining your offer and your targets enables you to move forward serenely and efficiently in prospecting and transforming sales.

A systemic challenge

We must not underestimate the systemic effect of our actions. Even if an action has a limited direct impact, it serves a global approach and helps the Society to take a positive direction towards the transition.

And of course

Always custom

Each company and each business are different. The support and advice provided will be customized from the first discussion and throughout the mission.

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